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Reasons Why The Tesla Phone Key Not Working?

Imagine being eager to get on the road as you approach your stylish Tesla automobile. Additionally, only to discover that the Tesla phone key not working. That’s annoying, right? You’re not alone, after all. This problem has come up for many Tesla owners for some time. With Tesla’s phone key feature, you can start and unlock your car using your smartphone as a key. Although it’s meant to simplify your life, it can occasionally be a pain.

We’ll outline the typical issues that you can run into with your Tesla phone key in this article along with quick fixes. We’ll go over potential reasons like Bluetooth issues or out-of-date apps why your phone key can be uncooperative. Additionally, you’ll discover how to determine whether your phone key is properly configured and what to do if your car’s software needs to be updated.

What Is A Tesla Phone Key?

Before learning the reasons behind the Tesla phone key not working. Firstly, let’s learn its meaning in detail. The Tesla Phone Key functions similarly to a mystical vehicle key, except it is located on your smartphone. You can start your Tesla with your phone instead of a real key or fob. When it works, it’s awesome, but occasionally it might be troublesome.

The Phone Key employs Bluetooth, which is akin to a hidden language that your phone uses to communicate with your automobile. The first thing to verify if your phone’s Bluetooth is turned on is if your Phone Key isn’t working. Turn it on if not. Additionally, confirm that your Tesla’s Bluetooth settings are correct.

The Phone Key occasionally won’t function if the battery on your phone is really low. So make sure your phone is charged. Keep your Tesla app updated as well; otherwise, it might not recognise your Phone Key. Contact the helpful support staff at Tesla if you’re still having issues. They can overcome challenging issues and are something like tech superheroes. So that’s the story behind the Tesla Phone Key, a cutting-edge method of using your dependable smartphone to unlock and start your vehicle.

Reasons Why The Tesla Phone Key Not Working?

You may use your smartphone as a key for your Tesla automobile thanks to the ingenious Tesla Phone Key feature. Although it’s a convenient and cutting-edge way to unlock and start your car, technology occasionally has problems. The following are some significant causes of your Tesla Phone Key’s potential malfunction:

1. Problems With Bluetooth:

The Tesla Phone Key uses Bluetooth to communicate with your vehicle. Your Phone Key won’t function if the Bluetooth on your phone is disabled or experiencing connectivity issues. Verify that Bluetooth is turned on and try restarting your phone.

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2. Low Battery:

The Tesla Phone Key won’t work if your smartphone’s battery is completely dead or dangerously low. Always check the battery life on your phone or keep a portable charger with you.

3. Outdated Tesla App:

Your Phone Key may not work properly if your Tesla app is out of date. Update your Tesla app to the most recent version that is available in the app store on your smartphone.

4. Incorrect Setup:

If your Phone Key hasn’t been configured properly in the Tesla app, it won’t function. For setup instructions, go to the owner’s manual of your automobile or the instructions in the app.

5. Updates To Your Tesla’s Software:

The Phone Key may not work with your Tesla’s outdated software. To ensure compatibility, frequently check for and install updates in your car’s settings.

6. Deactivation Of Phone Key:

It’s possible that the Tesla app unintentionally disabled your Phone Key. To verify its status and reactivate it if necessary, check the app’s settings.

7. Signal Interference:

Strong electromagnetic interference can interfere with the Bluetooth signal between your phone and the car when it comes from places like metal buildings or other electronic gadgets. If you can, get away from these sources of interference.

8. Shared Phone Keys:

If you’ve given someone else access to your Phone Key, they might have mistakenly unplugged it. Make sure that the Phone Key function in your Tesla app is only accessible to people you can trust.

9. Phone Compatibility:

Phone Keys may not function properly on older smartphones with limited Bluetooth capabilities. If compatibility problems continue, think about upgrading to a newer smartphone.

10. Technical Issues:

On occasion, your Phone Key’s functionality may be hampered by technical issues or software defects. Sometimes, restarting your car or phone will fix these problems.

Troubleshooting these frequent causes can usually assist you in fixing the Tesla Phone Key issue. If none of these fixes work, it is advised to get in touch with Tesla customer service for qualified assistance in reactivating your Phone Key.

Solutions To Fix The Tesla Phone Key Not Working

It can be a big pain when your Tesla Phone Key isn’t performing as it should. But don’t worry; we have a step-by-step manual to assist you in getting back on course. Now let’s get into the specifics:

Step 1: Verify Bluetooth On Your Smartphone

What to Do: Verify that your smartphone has Bluetooth turned on. This is located in your phone’s settings.

Why: The Tesla Phone Key connects to your automobile via Bluetooth. It won’t operate if Bluetooth is disabled.

Step 2: Launch Bluetooth Again

What to Do: Switch Bluetooth off, then back on.

Why: In some cases, connectivity problems between your phone and automobile might be resolved by just restarting.

Step 3: Charge Your Smartphone

What to Do: Ensure that the battery life on your smartphone is enough.

Why: A low battery on your phone could prevent it from being able to interact with your car.

Step 4: Update The Tesla App

What to Do: Verify that your Tesla app is current. If not, update it from the app store on your phone.

Why: Your car’s phone key functionality might not function properly with an old app.

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Step 5: Properly Configure The Phone Key

What to Do: Use the directions in your Tesla’s owner’s manual or the Tesla app to double-check the configuration of your phone key.

Why: If the phone key isn’t configured properly, it won’t work.

Step 6: Update The Car’s Software

What to Do: Check the settings of your Tesla for updates to make sure the software is up to date.

Why: Older car software may not work properly with the phone key.

Step 7: Verify The Status Of The Phone Key

What to Do: Check the status of the phone key by opening the Tesla app. If not, turn it back on.

Why: The phone key may occasionally be inadvertently turned off.

Step 8: Avoid Signal Interference

What to Do: Avoid significant electromagnetic interference sources like massive metal objects and other electrical equipment.

Why: Interference can interfere with the Bluetooth signal that connects your phone to your car.

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Step 9: Review Phone Key Sharing

What to Do: Make sure that the Tesla app and phone key are only accessible to people you can trust.

Why: Your phone key may have been unplugged by someone with access.

Step 10: Check Phone Compatibility

What to Do: If you already own an outdated smartphone, think about upgrading to a more recent model with enhanced Bluetooth capabilities.

Why: The phone keys on some older phones might not function properly.

Step 11: Contact Tesla Support

What to Do: If all else fails, ask for help from Tesla’s customer service.

Why: More complicated phone key or software issues can be identified and fixed with assistance from Tesla’s professionals.

By taking these actions, you can frequently identify and resolve the problem that is causing your Tesla Phone Key to behave improperly. Remember that technological glitches sometimes occur, but with a little debugging, you’ll soon be able to use your phone key without difficulty.


The Tesla phone key is a practical and cutting-edge technology that improves the experience of owning a Tesla vehicle. But just like any other technology, it occasionally runs into problems. The most frequent issues can frequently be fixed by following the troubleshooting instructions provided in this article, allowing you to resume using your phone key’s convenience. Keep in mind that Tesla customer service is there to assist you in getting back on the road with your dependable phone key if everything else fails.

We hope the above-mentioned information about the Tesla phone key not working will be helpful to all the viewers. If anyone faces any doubts, feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you for reading!