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Why Is My Engine Shaking And Ticking?

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No one in particular likes to stop amid a highway with no automobile center in sight, with the car making weird turbulence that makes you feel like you’re on an airplane while you are unable to figure out from where the vibrations are coming from and suddenly you notice it’s your engine making your car shake.

So in that situation, a question will arise that why is my engine shaking, and is it safe to drive this now.  Your engine shaking could be harmless, but it could also mean that it is not safe to continue driving. Since it is not possible to diagnose the problem without concerning the mechanic, but the certain thing is you should never ignore the signs.

Why Is My Engine Shaking So Much?

There are five common reasons why your engine is shaking:

Reason 1:- When The Hoses Are Loose Or Disconnected

The primary purpose of a hose is to carry the coolant through the engine at an optimal temperature. Loose or disconnected hose are to be blamed for your engine’s shaking. The primary purpose of a hose is to get your engine rid of the dangerous exhaust gases and fumes, but if the hose is loose or disconnected it can cause the engine to shake violently.

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The engine is to be checked thoroughly since some belts attached such as a serpentine belt or V-belt can also be causing this problem, due to which in addition to vibrations the engine may be making squealing noises. To get rid of this problem the loose hose that is disconnected can be connected again or replaced for any wear and tear of the hose. The belts can also be replaced if they are worn out or misadjusted. Or you can go to an experienced mechanic to get your vehicle examined for loose connection of your hoses.

Reason 2:- Spark Plugs Are Worn Out

A sparking plug is a device that fits into the cylinder head of an IC Engine which ignites current to form a spark for igniting the air-fuel mixture. If your engine is making a weird shaking thing then you must check your spark plug. This can be the answer to your query about why is my engine shaking.

Signs which show your spark plugs are failing:

  1. High fuel consumption
  2. Engine having rough idle
  3. Lack of acceleration
  4. Engine surging
  5. Flat battery
  6. Engine misfiring

Spark plugs are durable items and are not needed to be changed regularly but it is advised to replace them every 30000 to 90000 miles with a new fresh one.

Reason 3:- When the Motor Mounts Are Broken

The motor mount is a device that holds the engine into its place, usually two or three mounts hold the engine together. The mounts act as a cushion that holds the engine’s vibration and do not allow them to reach the car’s frame. Whenever these Motor mounts are broken they do not work as effectively and the vibrations are not evenly dampened and they reach the passenger’s cabin causing the shaky car’s cabin.

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If the engine shakes violently or the vibration is too heavy when you are stopping the vehicle or when it is parked while the engine is left on. A simple way to check whether the motor mounts are broken or not is to put the car to neutral if the engine vibration decrease then it is the motor mount that is causing the problem.

Reason 4:- When The Fuel Intake System Is At Fault

A system of passages that conduct the fuel mixture from the carburetor to the intake valves of the engine is known as a fuel intake system. The three major types of fuel injection are:

  1. Throttle body injection
  2. Multiport injection
  3. Direct injection

The engine idling, stalling, poor acceleration are some of the common ways to find out the fuel intake system is clogged. Some dealers or repair shop owners recommend getting the system cleaned regularly. But it is not that much required unless some noticeable signs are visible, so if your engine is shaking too much and you think it is due to clogged fuel intake you must get that cleaned to have a cleaner fuel intake and more efficient combustion.

Reason 5:- Poor Idle Speed Control

A device used in fuel-injected vehicles to control the engine’s idling rotation speed is known as IAC(Idle Air Control). RPM within the range of 600 to 1000 revolution is enough to keep the engine from stalling. However, a lot of new models have replaced the IAC and opted for full electronic control of the throttle body instead.

If the car is not getting enough air that may be because the fuel injectors are dirty, or you may be having clogged air filters or spark plugs that can be at fault.

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The Average Cost Of Fixing

  • The average cost for fixing the broken hoses or loosened belts can range in between $150 and $171.
  • The cost to replace your spark plug depends upon the type of plugs you need and the number of cylinders your engine contains but for a rough estimate you have to pay around $16 to $100 for a set of spark plugs.
  • The cost of the mount can vary in accordance with the model and the price the labor is asking. But on average, the cost of replacing the motor mount ranges from $220 to $570.
  • The parts of the fuel injection system are really costly and can range from about $600 to $1200 after adding the labor cost this repair can be causing a huge hole in your pocket since the average repair cost of the fuel intake system can go from $800 to $1450.
  • If you ought to replace the IAC you must know that the average replacement cost of an idle air control valve is between $120 and $500.


In conclusion, now you know the answer to your question Why is my engine shaking so much. the reasons may be disconnected hoses, broken mounts, faulty IAC, worn-out spark plugs, or choked fuel intake system. some tricks to fix the faults are also described above and the average cost to repair is also mentioned. So if your engine now shakes you are well acquainted with the reasons and the repairing methods too.

If you still are concerned about some facts related to engine shaking comment your queries below.