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5 Best Shocks For Harley Davidson Sportster

Though, not hold so high-class Technology to flaunt, but still one of the most evocative brands. Harley-Davidson is a legendary motorcycle company founded in 1903, by childhood friends William Harley and Arthur Davidson. In this article, we have compiled a list of the best shocks for Harley Davidson Sportster in the market.

Scroll down and find out which shocks to purchase for your Harley.

About Harley Davidson

Harley-Davidson is a brand legend. Its logo is tattooed onto more human beings than any other. People love this brand because of its association: the hell’s Angel; Marlon Brando in the wild one; Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider; the cult book Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. Harley Davidson is known for the throaty growl of its engine, the leather seats, and the high handlebars. None of these things improves the quality of the bike but they give it character.

‘It’s not hardware ‘Richard Teerlink Harley’s chairman said, ‘it is a Lifestyle and emotional attachment that what we have to keep marketing to’.Attaching emotion to the brand and characterizing the motorcycle is their main focus and not the hardware, so someone needs to balance out this practice by prioritizing the safety and Technical aspect.


Shockers are one of the best-fit ways on the way out. These are designed to absorb and reduce drive bounce, vehicle roll or sway, brake dive, and acceleration squat. So an apt shock absorber can result in a good driving experience and handling comfort.

Best Shocks For Harley Davidson Sportster

Below is the list of best shocks for Harley Davidson Sportster.

1. Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shock


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  • Frequency sensing Technology adjusts automatically by sensing the frequency of bumps.
  • Progressive rate main springs are specifically designed for touring.
  • Consistent performance by high-pressure gas-charged.
  • Fists select 1984 2018 touring bikes.

Review and Rating 

It is rated 4.2/5 on Amazon. People found them better than the stock air shock. ‘Stiff enough to keep the bike stable through sharp corners, yet soft enough to not eject you out of the seat when you go over a bump or hole in the road; very happy with the Purchase’- one review reads. Very easy to install; it creates a big difference to your Harley.

So, in all, a perfect replacement for those stock air shocks. Highly adjustable, budget-friendly, worth spending, and most importantly lifetime warranty.

 2. HD 022 Ohlin Shocks


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  • A pair of 13-inch shocks that fits all HD FLH/FLT touring 1998- Newer.
  • No more air loss hassles, for these are a pressurized gas and oil shock.
  • Give you the maximum handling ability of your motorcycle.
  • It can also get a pre-load setting from the company before or after buying.

Review and rating

It is rated 5/5 on Amazon. Better than ‘air ride’ suspension, great shock for a great price and will completely eat up small and large imperfections in the road and keep the rear tire planted on the pavement.

3. Burly B-28-1201B Black Shocks


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  • No disassembly e required of the forks.
  • Pre-load adjustable to tune to rider weight.
  • Changes to height our good and will take it down to approx. 2’’.
  • Fast installation.
  • Aesthetically appealing; transform the glance of your Harley.

Review and Rating

It is rated 4.3/5 on Amazon. Worked for people making their ride smoother, by lowering the bike an inch and a half. Didn’t need a new kickstand either perfect fit and all-time hit.

4. Factory Spec, FS 04505, Stubby Harley Sportster Shocks


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  • Measures 10.5 inches in length.
  • Adjustable shocks by preload.
  • Height can be fixed for comfort purposes.
  • They all fit in black color and easily blend with all kinds of bikes.

Review and Rating

It is rated 4.5/5 on Amazon. Looks and works great; amazing reviews and reaction; good ride for shorter Riders, worth the price.

5. XMT Moto Air-Tight Suspension


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  • Lower the bike 2 to 3 inches with all the air released.
  • Uses all Nickel-plated brass high- flow high – pressure push- to- connect fitting throughout the entire system.
  • Installation instruction included.
  • It can ride with zero air pressure without rubbing.

 Review and Rating

It is rated 3.2/5 on Amazon. People installed on their HD FLHX. Some even installed a 200 psi gauge so I can see if the system is leaking. Whereas some say it rides better than other premium shocks. So far, no leaks at all ‘-one user shares. Doesn’t ride hard even when slammed; easy straight installation; doesn’t hold air.

5 Best Shocks For Harley Davidson Sportster

Below are some of the best shocks for Harley Davidson Sportster

  1. Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shock
  2. HD 022 Ohlin Shocks
  3. Burly B-28-1201B Black Shock
  4. Factory Spec, Fs 04505, Stubby Shocks Sportster Harley
  5. XMT Moto Air-Tight Suspension

1. How can I improve My Sportster Handling?

The best way to improve handling is to respring the front forks with a progressive spring with a higher spring rate suited for your weight. Preload needs to be set to suit the bike’s weight and yours, for rider sag. Dampers are mediocre at best. Aftermarket dampers are available to increase performance.

2. What Size Are Stock Harley Sportster Shocks?

11″ to 13 1/2″

3. How Long Do Sportster Shocks Last?

How Long Do Harley Shocks Last? Harley motorcycle shocks are expected to last at least 30,000 miles. By 40,000 miles, most shocks will need to be rebuilt at the very least, if not replaced. Keep your Harley at peak performance by proactively inspecting your shocks every 30,000 miles.

4. Do Harley Air Shocks Have Oil In Them?

Owners are removing the oil from their rear air shocks and replacing that oil with a 10-weight belray or equivalent oil. The oil added is 10 ounces, no more. The end result from those that have done this is a far smoother ride with less air pressure. There is no bottoming out with this heavier oil


Most Harley Davidson bike holders opted for this brand for the sense of freedom it serves. So, add more comfort and liberty to your ride by installing the most appropriate shocks, then hell cares, what type of ride or what condition of the road, your bike encounters.

Choosing a suitable shock involves having sound knowledge of your Sportster. Choose a shock based on their smooth performance over rough pavement and relatively easy setup.

No matter which shock you do purchase, it will, for sure, make a big difference in your ride providing more cushioning and indelible rides. Your Harley will sharply cut through the air with its roaring engine just like a Lion’s walk in the jungle, full of pride and power.

Our pick is the Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shock as the best shock for Harley Davidson Sportster. Still perplexed, feel free to leave your query in the below comment box, we would be highly gratified sorting you out.