What To Do If My Car Won’t Start In The Morning?

What To Do If My Car Won’t Start In The Morning?

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I think it is a very common occurrence that everyone has faced this problem that is whenever I am hurried or going for attempting the important meeting in the meantime my car won’t start in the morning and finally I have to call the taxi over the phone or wait for a mechanics for a long hour. This happens especially during the dark cold mornings or at low temperatures.

Everyone should know the reason behind it. So that they can resolve the problem by own under any circumstance.

Why My Car Won’t Start In The Morning? 

It can be helpful to know the reason why we struggle with the car.

1. A Dead Battery Could Be The Reason

An often common reason is the dead battery. Sometimes the battery becomes week but not completely dead which makes the starter turns slow. Even if corrosion in a cable occurs, the flow of the power will be stopped and the battery can act as dead. Even it can be possible that the battery is too old to start the car.

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2. A Starter Could Be The Possible Reason

The loss of teeth on the starter’s drive wheel can be one reason not to start the car.

3. Air Filters

The most common and important thing in our life is air as same as for a car to breathe. After the years, the road dust, grease, and mucks are trapped in the air filter which reduces the flow of air into the car. Without the air, the gas cannot ignite and without ignition, there is no combustion. Thus my car won’t start in the morning and it can be the reason behind it.

4. Clogged Fuel Filters

Similar to life, the car also needs clean fuel to move the car. There is a fuel filter that prevents unwanted or foreign objects from build-up or blocks the flow of fuel to the engine. Thus the filters get clogged and that’s why my car won’t start in the morning.

5. Using Wrong Fuel

According to the vehicle owner’s manual, some cars required thinner oil and some cars need thicker. In low temperatures, the car generally needs thinner so that the car can easily start whereas thicker oil makes it difficult to pump through the engines. This can be one of the reasons why my car won’t start in the morning.

6. Water In The Fuel Line

There is a rare problem with the fuel line having moisture, especially during winter. Theoretically, there should not be water in the fuel line from the start but it occurs sometimes and freeze the fuel lines which means no gasoline can get to the motor, combustion gets halted and the car will not start.

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7. Wrong In Carburetor

Normally the older cars have the Carburetor. This Carburetor mix oxygen with a small amount of gasoline to create an internal combustion engine to function properly. Carburetors become in clogged low temperature due to short nozzle and don’t allow the moisturizer to evaporate.

How To Fix My Car Startup Issue In The Morning?

Here we are looking forward to how we resolve the struggle by using a different technique.

1. By Turning Everything Off

As we know the electric accessories like headlights, heaters, and radios use battery power. So it is recommended that switch off these all accessories and try to start the car which gives much chance to start the car. It is a very preliminary reason.

2. Replacing The Battery

If the problem is the battery by jump-starting your car and if its works, change the battery as it is dead.

3. Replacing The Air Filter

If there is a problem with the air filter, just replace it and it’s easily found in any automobile store very easily.

4. Replacing The Fuel Filter

If there is a problem with the fuel filter, just replace it. To prevent this problem fuel filter should be changed every 20000 to 40000 miles.

5. Check Your Battery Leads Are Clean And Tightened

If there is a sign of corrosion, clean the battery properly by disconnecting the cables from a battery with proper protection. Clean with a toothbrush and with a mixture of baking soda and water.

Whenever you disconnect the cable first disconnect the negative one and while connecting the cable connects the negative one last to prevent shock.

Few Tips To Start The Car Without Any Issue

Apply these tricks whenever you are far away from mechanics or stuck in a bad situation where you can’t call anybody or you don’t have any handy tools with you.

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1. Cycling The Key

Whenever you see the battery is almost dead and to heat up the engine apply the tricks of cycling the key. Just Cycle the key 10 times toward the start position and wait for 5 minutes. Then start the car. Its works sometimes.

2. Tapping On The Battery Terminals

Whenever the battery terminals get corroded just tap each battery terminals with the heels of the shoe and then turn on the engine. It will work sometimes.

3. Smacking The Stater

If you have access to the starter just smack with the tire iron from your car jack as sometimes the wire gets stuck.

4. Smacking The Fuel Tank

If the car won’t start just smack the fuel tank with the help of the heel of the shoe several times to jar the fuel pump motors.

5. Fill Up The Engine Oil

If you are in low fuel or engine oil, the battery will take more strain to start the car. So always check the oil if it is enough to start the car are not. To prevent this problem make sure you carry engine oil with you.


If you don’t want to face the problem in the morning when you are in hurry to getting the children to school or going for an emergency meeting or going to work, replace your battery whenever needed under the technician and always keep the right engine oil full so that the strain will not put upon the battery. Except this always goes for maintenance at least once a year and keeps handy tools with you so that in emergency cases you can handle it your own.

Prevention is better than cure. So always follow the above tips if the car won’t work.