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P1326 code: Meaning, Causes And Solutions To Fix!

The check engine light in modern vehicles may be both a blessing and a burden. Although it’s a useful warning system that lets you know when your car might have problems. Therefore, when it glows, it can also make you nervous. The P1326 code is only one of the numerous that could set off this alarming light. This article will debunk the myths around the P1326 error code, explain what it means, explore its potential origins, and offer workable alternatives to assist you in resolving the problem. Let’s get started so that you may get your automobile back on the road without spending a fortune.

P1326 Code: What Does It Mean?

The On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD-II) system, a standardised system that tracks the operation of numerous parts in your car, includes the P1326 code. The manufacturer-specific code P1326 specifically refers to the ignition control module (ICM).

Your engine’s ignition timing is tightly regulated by the ICM, ensuring that it fires at precisely the appropriate time to keep your automobile operating smoothly. The P1326 code is set off by the OBD-II system when it discovers an issue with the ICM, turning on the check engine light on your dashboard.

Common Causes Behind The DTC P1326 Code

Your car’s P1326 error number indicates an issue with the ignition module. It can be a worn-out module, an issue with the wires, or a spark plug issue. Let’s learn more!

1. A Defective Ignition Control Module:

An inoperable ignition control module is the most typical source of the P1326 error code. The deterioration of these electronic parts over time may result in irregular ignition timing and engine misfires.

2. Issues With Wiring:

This code may also be set off by corroded or damaged connectors and wiring that are linked to the ICM. Electrical signals to and from the module may not flow properly due to faulty connections.

3. Spark Plug Issues:

The ICM may detect problems and set off the P1326 code as a result of erratic combustion caused by worn-out or fouled spark plugs.

4. Engine Timing:

Numerous problems, such as a broken timing belt or chain, can lead to incorrect engine timing, which in turn can cause the P1326 code to appear.

How To Fix The Error Code P1326?

Simple fixes can be helpful when your car’s check engine light indicates a P1326 code. Learn how to solve simple ignition control module problems.

1. A Diagnostic Check:

A diagnostic scan with an OBD-II scanner is the first step in fixing the P1326 error code. This will give you detailed information about the problem and confirm that the ICM is the real issue.

2. Examine The Connectors And Wiring:

Examine the connectors and wiring that are connected to the ignition control module. Check for any obvious deterioration or damage. If you discover any problems, fix them or change the offending parts.

3. Replace Spark Plugs:

Replace your worn-out or fouled spark plugs with new ones. Performing this quick maintenance task frequently solves ignition-related issues.

4. Address Timing Of Engine:

A qualified mechanic must inspect, and if necessary, alter or replace, the timing components, if the problem is with engine timing.

5. Ignition Control Module Replacement:

Replace the ICM with a new one if the diagnostic scan reveals that it is the problem. Make sure to adhere to the installation guidelines provided by the manufacturer.

6. Remove The Code:

Once the underlying problem has been resolved, utilise your OBD-II scanner to erase the P1326 code from the computer. The check engine light will turn off as a result.

Repairing Cost To Fix The P1326 Code

The cost of fixing the P1326 error code on your car can vary. Minor repairs like changing spark plugs or repairing wiring issues could run you anything from $50 to $200, labour included. However, the cost could be higher, ranging from $200 to $500 or more, if the issue is with the ignition control module or engine timing.

The precise price will vary depending on the brand, model, and location of the repair shop. To prevent wasting money, it’s critical to make the right diagnosis of the problem. Keep up with your vehicle’s maintenance to help avoid expensive P1326 code fixes.

Is It Safe To Drive With The DTC P1326?

It is unsafe to operate a vehicle with a P1326 code. This error number frequently denotes an ignition control module issue, which can result in poor engine performance and misfires. It can abruptly stall out or behave erratically. Especially if it occurs in traffic or at high speeds, this can be dangerous. Driving on can result in further damage and more expensive repairs. To protect your safety and stop further issues with your car, it is best to have the problem corrected right away. Don’t ignore the check engine light, and get it checked out as soon as you can by a mechanic.


The P1326 code can be a bit intimidating, but with the appropriate information and strategy, you can fix the problem and restore your car’s dependability. Whether the issue is with a defective ignition control module, wiring issues, or spark plug problems, locating and fixing the main cause is essential. If you’re unsure about any step of the diagnosis or repair process, don’t forget to consult your vehicle’s repair handbook or call a professional. The entire performance and durability of your car will be increased by maintaining its ignition system, resulting in many more kilometres of trouble-free driving.