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How To Test Air Suspension Compressor Relay?

Nowadays, with the day-to-day advancement of technology and discoveries, the one thing that every person wants in life is the comfort zone, which makes us relax and gives a soothing impact. In this growing and competitive world, people perform hard work not to compromise living standards. Similarly, the air suspension compressor deals with the vehicle’s comfort level, providing relaxing and cosy driving seats with smooth and effortless driving over terrain areas.

As people try their best to gain comfort in everything, here in vehicles too, the automotive industries attain their best to meet the demands of the upcoming generation. This system is usually for the ultimate smoothing motion of vehicles, and relay in such system dealt with the improper functioning that would risk our lives and vehicles.

So to save you all from such relay and know how to test air suspension compressor relay, we hereby want to tell you the basic ways to do it.                           

What Is An Air Suspension Compressor Relay?

Air suspension is a suspension of a vehicle powered by an electric air pump or compressor, which usually reduces the tendency of a vehicle to bounce over rough roads or hilly areas when it is empty. An automotive relay is generally a remotely operated switch that imparts magnetism to complete the opening and closing.

The air suspension system deals with a compressor that inflates the bags of the vehicle with the pressurized air and hence helps achieve smooth and constant driving. The relay in the air suspension compressor interferes with the effortless motion of the vehicle. 

Causes Of Failure Of Air Suspension Compressor Relay

There are various ways to know the collapse of the air suspension compressor system. The few significant reasons are as follows:                                 

1. Fault In Air Suspension Control System

It generally occurs due to airbag leakage, electronic problems resulting from motion on uneven roads, spring problems, or compressor issues. Such issues need to be solved as soon as possible to avoid serious risks.

2. Poor Electrical Connections

Damage or worn-out wires result in such issues, and it may occur due to loosening of the electrical wiring system or any other mechanical jerk.

3. Damages Or Shorted Harness

the wires connected to the components like the sensor and solenoid are either broken, cut, or shorted, thus performing improper system work.

4. Additional Failures/Faults

It deals with the failure of various components related to the air suspension compressor relay. Such problems occur due to engine issues or damage to wiring caused by loose connections or worn-out parts of the system.

How To Test Air Suspension Compressor Relay?

The smooth and creamy movement of the vehicle is mandatory while driving. Thus, any malfunctioning or discomfort observed in the vehicle needs first to test and then corrected as soon as possible. Hence there are specific ways to test air suspension compressor relay; few primary reasons include

Method 1: Air Leaks

  1. Take a bottle and fill it with water. Now add a little or a few drops of soap solution to the bottle.
  2. Spray or surge the water consisting of soap solution at the fitting areas to confirm the leaks or check the air leak. If you observe the bubbles originating in that area, then there would be a leak. Thus, now secure or tighten the fitting with a leak, or you may have to remove or reinstall that leaked area depending upon the severity of the leak.
  3. After tightening the fitting portion, affix a Teflon tape around that area stiffly and recheck the leakage.
  4. If you still observe the leak in the fitting, it means the fitting has been cracked and needs to be removed and reinstalled. Thus after replacing or reinstalling, test again to be sure.                                                                                                                        

Method 2: Compressor Testing

  1. We can test the compressor by checking its power which can be easily identified by knowing whether the pressure is working. If it is working and the tank is not filled with air; hence, it would help us check the compressor, favouring its testing.
  2. Now the power is generated through the compressor will be used in lighting the test light. If the power lits the light, then the compressor is fine, and if not, one must check the relay running power towards the compressor or to the fuse of the compressor.
  3. If you conclude the fuse as damaged, then replace it and check again. If it is okay, test the relay with the test light; if it doesn’t work, replace it with a new one.

Method 3: Testing Pressure Switch

  1. Checking the pressure switch is relatively easy. If the switch is not working, then the air is not being filled, and hence the vehicle cannot lift—this needs to be tested by jacking up the vehicle in the air.
  2. In the very next step, the drain plug is to be used for draining the tank.
  3. Now switch on the vehicle to test the pressure switch, which could be analysed by placing the test light on either side of the wiring system. If it works, then fine, but if not, then it needs to be replaced.

Cost To Fix Air Suspension Compressor Relay?

The fixation of the air suspension compressor relay depends on the particular method based on its cause, as described above. A few ways are pretty straightforward that could be easily performed at home, but visiting the professionalist or garage is mandatory for proper guidance like repairing or replacing components in severe cases.

The average cost in the garage to fix the air suspension compressor relay is approximately $1200 to $1500, although it also depends on the country you live in.

Frequently Asked Questions:

So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about how do you test an air suspension compressor, how do you test a Air Ride pressure switch etc?-

How Do You Test An Air Suspension Compressor?

You can testing an air suspension compressor by Setting your DMM to the DC volts. Then Disconnect the electrical connector and Turn the ignition on where the compressor would usually be running. After that connecting the negative meter leads to good ground .

How Do You Test A Air Ride Pressure Switch?

With air applied to the pressure switch, place one lead of the ohm meter to one of the loose wires. Make sure that the air pressure switch should close when air is applied , the ohm meter will read zero ohms, give signal that the air pressure switch is good.

What Is Air Suspension Relay?

Relays are electrically operated switches which are used to turn compressors on and off automatically when wired to a pressure switch. Relays are an important part of every air ride management and a common component found throughout vehicle electronics.

Can You Drive With A Bad Air Suspension Compressor?

No,  A damaged or collapsed spring can cause sagging and noise.  While you can still drive, the ride will be rough and the car will be difficult to control in an emergency.

What Causes Air Suspension Failure?

An air suspension system in good working order should have no problem inflating the airbag struts. If there is any disruption to that ability,  causes are leaks, a problem with the pressure switch, or a failed compressor.


The above methods explain the causes, fixation and how to test the air suspension compressor relay. It was pretty easy, and one must always be ready for such relays; we can also avoid it with regular vehicle servicing. We had tried our best to answer your question to the best of our knowledge. I hope you got all answers to your problems.

If your queries or questions persist regarding this topic, comment below, and we’ll reply to them.