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Truck Leveling Kit Problems That You Must Know

Is using levelling kit a good idea for your truck? maybe it is, or maybe not! Find out the truck levelling kit problems yourself. In this article, I have covered what you exactly need to know about the pros and cons of a truck leveling kit and what problems you may have to face. So let’s start!

What Is A Truck Leveling Kit?

You must have noticed that the front part of your truck sits a little bit lower than the rear of your truck by default. This feature is purposefully done by the manufacturers to maintain the imbalance, known as “rake”. Rake means that when you add a heavy load into the back of the truck or the trunk, it may lead to sagging or even cause it to bottom out. Which can produce unwanted stress and ultimately lead to wearing out your suspension parts before time. By lifting the rear of the truck( By a maximum height of 2 inches), the distance between the rear axle and the frame is increased, thus reducing potential sagging and thus preventing premature damage to the truck.

Adding a leveling kit will reduce or eliminate the rake thus allowing you to probably use larger tires. Moreover, there is an extra reward of getting more ground clearance, and since it will only impact the front side of the truck, your payload capacity will not be hindered. All you should expect is a fine-drawn change that will make your vehicle look more finished, bulky, aggressive, and a little taller, saving your precious time and money to replace numerous parts.

Why Is Truck Leveling So Popular Recently?

In the past few years leveling up of trucks is probably one of the most favorite moderation preferred by automobile geeks, isn’t it? There’s something special about getting behind the wheel of a lifted truck, after all, who would mind giving their truck a height boost and an edgy look! Here are a few points to justify:

Gives Your Vehicle A Much-needed Balance

In many trucks designed with low running boards, there aren’t many significant changes that need to be made with this balancing process, you can create the desired improvements quickly and without much fuss and prevent your vehicle from the extra damage caused.

Prevents Your Truck Rear From Sagging

By installing a truck leveling kit, this issue can be easily corrected if you don’t tow bulky heavy items with your truck. Also, it helps to relieve some of the weight that gets placed on the front so that other elements of your suspension have to undergo lesser stress.

It Allows You To Use Larger Wheels

The best result of this mod is that you can run wheels that are larger than stock at all four of your truck, giving you the much-needed ground clearance.

Easy And Inexpensive To Install

If done by professionals, a leveling kit installation won’t cost more than a few bucks. So you can still have your weekend coffee! Moreover, it will not take more than about 2 hours without much fuss.

Truck Leveling Kit Problems

I know many questions must be popping into your head like will I face any problems, will it harm my truck? Don’t worry, below you can find some of the major problems faced by Truck owners:

The Altered Angle Between Axels And Control Angle

By using leveling kit we alter the front end geometry of the truck which leads to a poor angle between Axels and Control arms.

Pre-owned Expiry

If you alter your truck when it is still in its warranty period then it will potentially lead to voiding the warranty.

It May Take A Toll On Your Savings

Leveling if not done with proper care in an unprofessional way then it will damage the suspensions. And then you have to pay double than what you expected.

Damaging Internals

The installation of a leveling kit will lead to rough wear and tear problems in other areas of the truck.

The Shocks Issues

You have to install new shocks for your truck after adding a leveling kit to the front.

Just Leveling Up Will Not Change Your Truck Dramatically

If you think that by using a leveling kit for your truck you can change the whole physical appearance of your vehicle then, unfortunately, it’s not the case.

Quicker Wearing Out Of Suspension

leveling up will lead to more pressure on your suspension components thus making them wear out much faster than expected. You should also expect additional wear on your ball joints.

Excessive Fuel Consumption

Since you modify the default version, beware of that extra fuel cost. A cheaper one will do more harm than good to your dear truck! You may think that buying a cheap kit will serve your job perfectly, but unfortunately, it’s not how you think.

Additional Stress Is Another Truck Leveling Kit Problem

Though adding a level will help your truck with perfect balance but it will put excessive stress on the other components of the vehicle.

Bonus Tips For You!

Since you have been so sincere, I have some bonus tips and recommendations for you:

  • Make sure you inspect your vehicle regularly.
  • Invest in proper servicing and maintenance to prevent unwanted expenses in the future.
  • Only use branded kits with a proper warranty and accessories for your truck.
  • Take the help of professionals rather than experimenting yourself.
  • Stay away from those youtube DIYs or you may have to regret them in case you are not lucky enough.
  • Make sure to avoid excessive towing and long-haul loads on your truck.
  • Check the compatibility of the kit before buying it.

Frequently Asked Questions-

So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about what are the cons of a levelling kit, differences, does leveling kit affect alignment etc?-

What Are The Cons Of A Leveling Kit?

The cons of leveling kits are-

  • So here is a risk of warranty on your vehicle which could be void and it doesn’t change the appearance of the truck.
  • As soon as possible, Your truck’s suspension could wear out and can be adversely affected.
  • You might have inaccurate readings.

Do I Need Shock Extenders For Leveling Kit?

No, you don’t need shock extenders for leveling kit.

What’s The Difference Between Leveling And Lifting A Truck?

The difference between leveling and lifting a truck is that –

A leveling kit  levels the front of the vehicle to see the stock height of the back, with about two inches in the front whereas a  lift kit lifts the truck into the air, but requires extra energy to add a new suspension system.

Do 3 Inch Leveling Kits Require New Shocks?

Yes, 3-inch leveling kits require nee shocks.

How Much Height Does A Leveling Kit Add?

A leveling kit can add up to 3 inches in front of your vehicle.

Does Leveling Kit Affect Alignment?

Yes, Leveling kit affects alignment by changing the alignment.

What Are The Advantages Of A Leveling Kit?

The advantages of a leveling kit are-

  1. A leveling kit can make your truck suitable for its proper height.
  2. A  lift kit can protect the exhaust and running boards from rocks,
  3. Lift kits keep your vehicle body safe from the rough terrain by adding ground clearance.


So as you can see, everything comes with its own set of boons and banes. Indeed there are many truck leveling kit problems one can face after using this mod. It is us who ultimately decide what is best for us and what is not. Giving your truck the coolest modification out can do wonders if done properly by professionals with proper care. But we cannot deny the ugly truth of the same. But is it worth it? the answer is YES! A quality leveled kit will not damage your truck as much as you think. But as they say, precaution is better than care.

So that is all from my side, hope it was helpful. If you have any queries just let us know in the comments section and we will get back to you!

Thank you, Happy reading!