How To Keep Squirrels From Eating Car Wires?

Squirrels are smart omnivorous animals that feed on nuts and several other fruits. They are more intelligent than other rodents like rats or mice which also chew your car wires.

Thus it will be hard to get a squirrel not to chew the car wires or capture the one which does so. In this article, we will try to answer your question about how to keep squirrels from eating car wires to help you keep your car safe.

Squirrels: Natural Enemy Of Your Car Wires

Before checking how to keep squirrels from eating car wires, you have to know the characteristics of squirrels that make them the most dangerous being when it comes to your car wires.

Squirrels like mentioned above are more intelligent than all other rodents. So capturing squirrels is not an easy task. It is said that squirrels can learn from their fellow friends from afar. So, if a few of them see one of their friends chewing your car’s wires, they will learn from it and will start coming too from the next day onwards.

Squirrels are said to have the ability to leap ten times their body size and also can run up to 20MPH. So if you are planning to run after them and catch them, before you even start, they’d have reached treetops far above your reach.

Furthermore, squirrels have sharp eyesight and can locate you from afar. Squirrels’ teeth, unlike ours, continually grow at a rate of 6 inches per year and they have to keep chewing at things to keep their teeth at a manageable length. This could be one of the reasons why squirrels chew on your car wires.

Why Are Squirrels Entering My Car’s Engine Compartment?

Now that you read about the basic qualities of a squirrel, let’s look at why they are entering your car’s engine compartment and feeding on car wires. There are 3 potential reasons as to why they do this. They are

1. Nesting/Shelter

Squirrels, especially in winter months or when they are about to give birth, search for warmer and safer places. They probably found your engine compartment to be the warmest and safest place of all and decided to nest in there. After all, Squirrels are not aware that it is your car and it has a different purpose.

2. Teeth Trimming

Squirrels have teeth that keep growing and they have to trim them regularly to keep them at the desired height. They usually do so using nuts and seeds but if their environment lacks them, they will naturally search for something else to trim their teeth. This is why you may have caught squirrels chewing on your car wires.


3. Food

Squirrels are omnivores that feed on both meat and plants. In case you left behind any food items in your car, squirrels may be attracted to them which will lead them to try and get inside your car somehow.

A lot of newer car wires contain soy-based bioplastics coated car wires which attract squirrels and make them chew your car wires.

How To Keep Squirrels From Eating Car Wires?

It is always best to avoid having squirrels feed in your car wires than repairing the damage caused by them which will cost you quite some money. Here are some methods you can adopt if you have the question of how to keep squirrels from eating car wires in your mind.

1. Start Your Vehicle Regularly

Like every other rodent, squirrels also prefer dark quiet places to shelter especially when they are nesting to give birth. Can there be a better spot than a not used vehicle’s engine compartment for them to nest?

So if you start noticing squirrels around your car, it is advised to start your vehicle for a few minutes, once or twice every day. This will make the squirrels realize that your car was not a safe place to nest after all.

2. Leave Your Car Hood Up

Another method you can adopt instead of frequently starting your car is leaving the car hood up. Squirrels best on your engine compartment because it is warm instead. However, leaving the hood open will take away the warmth making it impossible for them to nest in your car anymore.

3. Remove Food From Inside or Near Your Car

Squirrels are attracted to food items and their strong sense of smell can help them track food from anywhere. Having food inside your car or near it is thus dangerous and can attract squirrels. Even cat or dog food leftover or garbage bin with food leftover can make your squirrels come for your car and attack it.

4. Park Inside A Covered Garage If Possible

Squirrels won’t be able to reach your car if it is parked inside a covered garage. A sealed garage is more recommended than simply a covered garage to protect your car wires from squirrels.

5. Taste And Smell Repellents

There are many tastes and smell repellents that can keep squirrels away. This is one of the best methods you can adopt if you are seeking the best answer for how to keep squirrels from eating car wires. Substances like capsicum oil, peppermint oil, bitter apple spray, etc. when kept inside, near or sprayed on your car can keep squirrels at bay as their smell and taste is considered unpleasant by them.

6. Set Traps

This method to drive squirrels away is much messier. You can set traps near the engine compartment or car wires in such a way that they will be trapped inside when they approach the net or gnaw at your wires.

7. Cats

Having cats in your house will help driving away squirrels altogether. Like rats, squirrels are natural enemies of squirrels so getting or having a cat in your home will make squirrels stay away from your car.


Squirrels feeding on your car wires is undesirable. Once the damage is done, repairing will cost you a lot of money. Thus, it is always better to keep squirrels and other rodents away from your car wires and engine compartment. Hope this article helped you.