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Progressive 944 Shocks Review | Buyers Guide

Are you looking to have a change in your riding experiences? You need to swap out your stock shocks for a pair of Progressive 944 Suspension and get ready to install them on your bike which is Made in the USA. In this article, we review the Progressive 944 Suspension Shocks.

Progressive 944 Shocks Review

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Progressive 944 Shocks Design:

They are designed in a way to deliver the most comfortable riding at a lower stance. It is built through the latest Progressive technology, utilizing all the suspension travel that is provided in a taller shock to benefit these shocks with lowered ride height for you.

This technology is uniquely combined with ultra Touring Spring to not only provide a lowered ride height while we are still sitting on the bike but also while the bike is on its side stand.

Features Of Progressive 944 Shocks:

  • Progressive Suspension shocks have the Frequency Sensing Technology that lets the shocks sense the amount or frequency of a bump and also automatically adjusts the damping of the ride in its superior quality.
  • If lowered 12″ height option is selected, the ride height will be lowered by 1″ on most standard models and 0″ on most stock lowered models of the bike.
  • If the Ultra-Low 11″ height option is selected, then the ride height will be lowered by 2″ on most standard models and 1″ on most stock lowered models.
  • We can adjust the spring pre-load without any special tool required, just by hand.
  • Touring models of bikes need to install the Progressive Rate Mainsprings.


  • They are not recommended for any other HD product.
  • They are only sold as a pair.

Configuration for Progressive 944 Ultra Touring Shocks:

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There is 3 Configuration available for the 944 Ultra Touring shocks:

  • Standard Weight
  • Heavy-duty (250+ lbs.)
  • Super Heavy Duty (350+ lbs.)

Configuration for Progressive 944 Ultra-Low Shocks:

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There is 2 Configuration available for the 944 Ultra Low shocks:

  • Standard Weight
  • Heavy-duty (250+ lbs.)

Frequently Asked Questions-

So, here are some of the frequently asked questions about are Progressive 944 suspension shocks adjustable, differences, Are Progressive shocks more comfortable etc?

1. Are Progressive 944 Suspension Shocks Adjustable?

Progressive 944 Suspension Shocks are completely adjustable according to your comfort zone. they provide excellent riding experiences.

2. What Type Of Progressive 944 Suspension Shocks Are Recommended For Touring Passengers For A Long Journey?

We highly recommend Ultra-Touring Heavy-duty Progressive 944 Suspension Shocks as they become more durable and stabilize the ride for both passenger and the rider for a long journey.

What Is the Difference Between Standard And Heavy Duty Progressive Shocks?

The difference between standard and heavy duty Progressive shocks –

So,if the rider is more than 250 lbs ,then use the heavy-duty shocks and on the other hand, if the rider is below 250 lbs,then the heavy duty shocks are used.

What Do Progressive Shocks Do?

Progressive shocks  stiffens up as the travel is use,  which means it won’t bottom out. you will get a plush shock for small hits, which can hold big hits with less travel.

What Is The Difference Between Linear And Progressive Springs?

 Linear springs are the springs which are consistent along with the entire length of the spring, whereas as we talk about Progressive springs ,they have a spring rate which increases or sometimes changes with the compression of the spring.

Are Progressive Shocks Rebuildable?

Yes, Progressive shocks are Rebuildable.

Are progressive Springs More Comfortable?

Yes, Progressive springs are more comfortable.

How Long Are Burly Slammer Shocks?

Blury Slammer shocks  measure 10.15″.

How Do You Adjust The Adjustable Shocks On A Harley?

First, you should rotate the preload adjustment knob clockwise to increase the preload for the total weight and this weight includes the rider, passenger, etc. after each half rotation, the knob will click. After that, you should turn the knob half turns to fine-tune the ride.


  • They are eyelet-to-eyelet on the centre and shock length can be installed and measured while they sit on the bike.
  • If you attempt to change the ride height, it will also alter other attributes of the bike including your mechanical trail.
  • You need to simultaneously change the ride height of both ends of the bike.
  • Before purchasing shocks that are different than your OEM length, make sure to verify that you can change the wheel and suspension travel without causing clearance issues – common interference spots include swingarm, axle, frame, tire, fender, chain/belt, and guard, and exhaust.
  • All the 944 Series shocks are with a lifetime warranty and are hand-built, tuned and dyno’d.